It seems like forever since I've written a post on here! I will keep this short and sweet as I will be sharing more over the summer. Earlier on in the week, I visited Camden for the first time!! I know I'm shocked too. The reason why I finally decided to take a trip down was that one of my … Continue reading CARIBBEAN AT GUANABANA.



This year has been all about growth and getting to know me. It has been a crazy journey there were a lot of down moments and times where I just gave up but they were all lessons and I am grateful for them. It is never too late to unlearn and re-learn I am constantly … Continue reading LESSONS LEARNT AT TWENTY-ONE.


This summer has been a very productive one for me, working full-time and also managing to attend a number of events. The majority or should I say the events that have stuck out for me have been the networking events. Each with a different style and purpose, some great and some not so great. I … Continue reading NETWORKING 101


Networking events are a great way to meet new people and make connections, however, not all networking events get it right.  I'm not usually critical of events, but when it comes to networking events it's important that they are done correctly. Simply because you're meeting new people and the next person you meet could potentially … Continue reading THE NETWORKER.


No one really goes to the cinema as much as before. With movie websites like Netflix and Putlocker available people,(me being one of them) would rather save money watching movies in bed rather than spend stupid amounts of money in the cinema. However, it is nice to go to the cinema once in a while, so why … Continue reading A NEW CINEMA EXPERIENCE


On my way to Paris,I was feeling very nostalgic for some reason. I remember my first trip to Paris like it was yesterday. I think it was my first holiday my mum, brother, auntie and cousin went to Disneyland Paris 15 years ago. And I was here doing the same journey again but by myself. … Continue reading OUI EXPLORING PARIS.


If you know me, you'll know I LOVE exploring and trying new things. I am also a student, which means I am dirt broke so I cannot afford to travel around the world like I would want to. So I decided it would be a good idea to explore the city I am from before I … Continue reading PLACES TO VISIT IN LONDON


For some time now I have said to myself I need to start attending gigs and just discovering new and upcoming talent. I love music, just in the last year, my love for acoustic performances/music has grown. I’m a huge Lauryn Hill fan so I literally listen to her 24/7 currently starting to listen to Jessie Ware, Mnek, Shakka and literally anyone that … Continue reading SAVANNAH DUMETZ @ DROP OUT