It seems like forever since I’ve written a post on here! I will keep this short and sweet as I will be sharing more over the summer.

Earlier on in the week, I visited Camden for the first time!! I know I’m shocked too. The reason why I finally decided to take a trip down was that one of my colleagues had recommended Guanabana for my leaving do. Guanabana is a rustic wooden café serving Eclectic Latin and Caribbean dishes. Up until now, my experience hasn’t been so great and to be honest I haven’t been too keen on trying Carribean food outside because of this. I don’t have many friends from the Caribbean so I have to rely on takeout and restaurants to get a taste of Caribbean food and most of the time it’s not satisfying. My experience at Guanabana has given me some hope about eating the Caribbean outside. *Disclaimer* I am not a food connoisseur I just like to eat a lot and thought this would be a good place to do my first review on.


At first, I was a little thrown off and honestly thought that we were lost. I thought I was going to a really nice restaurant but when I arrived it looked like a cafe. The place was dark with a lot of wooden rustic decor. I assumed that this was ideal considering it’s Camden. I was a little on edge as the place was quite empty and quite a few of the tables hadn’t been wiped down. It was a very casual setting. I would recommend that you visit dressed casually.


So for a starter, I ordered the ‘crispy calamari’. If you know me, you will know that I do not play when it comes to calamari. Calamari is life. Ever since my first trip to Barcelona in 09′ I developed a deep rooted love for calamari. The calamari was ok, it’s one of the best I’ve tried in the UK. I’m still on the hunt to find calamari as good as the one I had in Barcelona. So if you know a place..hook a sister up. Out of five, I would give the calamari a three.

For my main course, I ordered ‘curry goat’ which came with plantain and rice and peas. The curry goat was seasoned perfectly I really enjoyed it. The rice and peas were amazing it didn’t look like the standard rice and peas though as it was orange in colour I had a few people asking me whether it was jollof rice. I thought it was seasoned perfectly as I’m not a huge fan of rice and peas.

Out of five, I would give the curry goat a four.

 By the end of all of that, I was too tired for desert which rarely ever happens. We decided to get Churros and ice cream to share. There were really only two options for dessert which was quite disappointing. For drinks, we brought our wine and paid a corkage fee of £3.50 for each bottle.


Price (£):  As a student, I would say that the prices were quite expensive with starters ranging between £3.50 to £7.30, mains between £8.70 to £15.70 and all desserts are priced at £4. Luckily there is a 15% off discount for students on Monday and Tuesday. Check out the menu here.



So yeah that’s Guanabana for you. Feel free to ask questions, happy to help. I’m also looking to do more restaurant reviews over the summer so please send any recommendations.

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Chao x





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