Do you think that you’ve got what it takes to solve an investigation in 60 minutes? Doesn’t seem like much of a challenge to you? Yeah, good luck all the best with it. That is exactly what we thought…Try in Portuguese? Yeah, exactly.

We took a trip to an escape room: Breakout. This was the first activity we set out to do during our five days in Porto.  To be honest, I did not know where we were going all I knew is that everything was sorted and I didn’t have to worry. Plus my friend Joanita kept banging on about how it’ll be character building (lol this became the key phrase of the holiday). 

It was sixty minutes of suspense, adventure and A LOT of frustration! After being locked in a dark building filled with dust, blood, and random body parts. We had to navigate through this dark abandoned building, filled with different clues to help us unlock the next room and eventually escape the building (if you were smart enough).

As Joanita would say ‘it was character building’ as well as team building. Doing this right at the beginning was perfect as it set the tone for the rest of the holiday. This helped to get rid of any anxieties we had as not everyone knew each other. It was a great experience, and Theo could not come to terms with the fact that we could not solve a ‘simple’ puzzle.  We did not hear the end of this, he would remind us at least once every day. He just could not accept the fact that we were not part of the 25% who manage to escape. 

If you happen to be in Porto and you’re up for the challenge then I’d definitely recommend Breakout. It was only ten euros.


  • Look everywhere, expect the unexpected.
  • It is a team activity so make sure you are communicating. Communication is key
  • Make the most of the experience. If you don’t make it out, just take the L and smoke it – it’s okay.  


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