Networking events are a great way to meet new people and make connections, however, not all networking events get it right.  I’m not usually critical of events, but when it comes to networking events it’s important that they are done correctly. Simply because you’re meeting new people and the next person you meet could potentially be a business partner, investor or customer etc. So it is vital that the environment is welcoming and networking-friendly.

Over time my confidence to approach people has developed, I feel this is due to putting myself in awkward situations and engaging in VERY awkward conversations. However, I do find that I do tend to draw back depending on the environment – so this is really important for me especially when I go to such events alone. Networking events can be very daunting, especially when you’re alone and new to it all.

I went to The Networker on Saturday night, a networking event by @Online_MCM. The night was filled with games, conversations and live performances by two upcoming artists Aeo and Jade.

I had two favourite moments from this event, firstly the Q&A with three-panel members from different fields;TitanXpensive an aspiring actor, AMI a YouTuber and presenter and Fidel Bonnah the owner of The Talent Net. The panellists were asked a number of questions by the audience mainly about the challenges they have faced whilst chasing their dreams. It was very inspiring and relatable to many people there, myself included.

Secondly, was one of the games (I am not 100% sure what it was called I’ve called it Innovation Creation 😉 )  where we were put into groups and given a random item to pitch to the audience. It was very fun and lightened the atmosphere, it was also beautiful seeing how creative people could be with the most random objects ever!!!  The photo above is actually someone demonstrating how an empty bottle of water could relieve back pain.

At the end of the night, we were all given goody bags (everybody loves a good freebie), filled with treats from upcoming UK businesses. There was a range of body/beard creams from MourMour, some eye glitter from SimnisBeautique, cupcakes from Sweetbakes and few sweet treats. Funnily enough, I wanted to buy the MourMour body cream but I wasn’t sure as I already use natural Shea butter – the product is amazing as the consistency is very soft and saves me a lot of trouble as I have to warm my Shea butter to use. As for the eye glitter, I’ll have to leave that to the pros…I got super excited and tried it on the next day.. let’s just say there was more glitter on my face than on my eyes.

So far this has been the best networking event I have been to this summer… I cannot find a fault (well apart from the fact my seat was in an awkward position) it was everything a networking event should be like; fun, welcoming and meaningful.  Definitely looking forward to the next event and would recommend you check it out if you’re looking to connect with new people.

Please bare with me I will be publishing more posts including one on networking – so look out for that!


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