No one really goes to the cinema as much as before. With movie websites like Netflix and Putlocker available people,(me being one of them) would rather save money watching movies in bed rather than spend stupid amounts of money in the cinema. However, it is nice to go to the cinema once in a while, so why not make the most out of it by going to a different kind of cinema that could either make the movie experience more romantic, adventurous or just different. It’s better to use your money on something different rather than spend money on doing something you could simply do in the comfort of your own home.

Source: Rooftop Film Club

Below is a list of outdoor cinemas based in London with the locations, price range and website. I haven’t gone into much detail as the majority of the cinemas show similar films. I personally, wouldn’t visit these cinemas on a regular basis as it can be very expensive, but it would be nice to go once in a while for a new cinema experience…



Locations: Kensington Palace, Tower of London, Brockwell Lido, Regents Park Open Air Theatre, Kew Gardens, Sky Garden, Wandsworth Park, Tooting Common, Battersea Park, Morden Hall Park, Hampton Court Palace, Greenwich Park, Fulham Palace, Crystal Palace Park, Victoria Embankment Park etc.

  • Showing a classic film on a big screen in a beautiful or prestigious setting.

Price: from £10 for children £15 for adults

Website: www.thelunacinema.com


Locations: Belgrave Square, Bushy park, The Hoxton – Shoreditch, Hyde Park Lido, Old Deer Park – Richmond, Brown Hart Gardens, Queens Park, Wembley Park (Olympic Park), Royal Academy of Arts

Price: from £12.50 (prices vary depending on film)

Website: www.whereisthenomad.com


Location: Stratford, Peckham, Hoxton

  • Showing classics and also recent films for example…Inception!

Price: from £15

Website:  http://rooftopfilmclub.com


Location: Croydon

  • Showing classics and also recent films, this rooftop club is actually an all season venue so they’re prepared for the chilly weather and occasional showers!

Price: from £10

Website: http://www.lostformatsociety.co.uk/


Location: there is not one set location for screened nights, you’d have to keep a look out on their Twitter page (@ScreenedNights) or website (below). 

  • Pop up cinema based in London, showing a variety of productions, from music videos, to documentaries and independent short films.

Price: from £10  

 Website: www.screenednights.com

The only down side to this way of going to the movies is that because they are outside you are gambling with the weather in the UK. Literally, as I am writing this it is gushing down with rain.. typical British summer. I’d still make the most out of it, go on a date and get caught kissing in the rain or something – like in the movies! As some of these cinemas are seasonal and are only available during the summer.

If you have visited any of the cinemas mentioned above please comment and share some tips/advice.




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